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As reported by the Daily Mail (UK):

Teachers want body armour to carry out gun searches

Last updated at 00:03am on 26th May 2007

Teachers are demanding to be equipped with stab and bullet-proof vests to protect them from being attacked as they frisk pupils for knives and guns.

Laws coming into effect next week allow staff to conduct forcible searches of students suspected of carrying weapons.

But teachers are saying they should not be made to carry out searches unless they are provided with body armour.

More than 220 staff were seriously injured in pupil attacks last year, a rise of 21 per cent since 2002.

Have we really reached the point of our teachers wearing armour?

"In the staffroom of Sunny Haven primary school, where staff are sitting down having a cup of tea, this idea would probably make them laugh," said David Brierley, solicitor for the Professional Association of Teachers.

"But in other schools there may be enormous relief at the idea.

"On the list of possible control measures for schools, we think protective jackets should be on the list."

Mr Brierley said heads should consider buying several of the vests, which typically cost a few hundred pounds.

The union is calling on ministers to include a requirement to supply body armour in guidance on exercising the new powers, which is due to be published shortly. It is expected to say staff should receive training, costing around £50 per teacher, in how to 'pat down' clothing and check pockets for knives, blades and other weapons.

Under the Violent Crime Reduction Act, heads will not need parental consent to search pupils and can authorise other members of staff to exercise the powers.

Teachers will be able to frisk any pupil merely on the suspicion they are armed.

Reasonable grounds to initiate searches include suspicions they are members of a gang which habitually carries weapons and 'wears a distinctive item of clothing or other means of identification.

Meanwhile, airport-style screening using scanning wands or bleeping arches can be used on pupils at random, even if staff harbour no specific suspicions.

The powers are being introduced at a time of mounting public anxiety over shootings and stabbings of children.

Luke Walmsley was stabbed to death at school in Lincolnshire in 2003 while Kiyan Prince was knifed yards from his school gates in North London last year.

A recent wave of knife and gun crime involving teenagers in London has intensified concern.

Last year, a mother sent her 16-year-old son to school in East London in a stab-proof vest because he feared for his safety.

The shopkeeper who sold the teenager the vest said he was selling three a week to children. Jan Myles, assistant secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: "This is a high-risk strategy which could have dangerous or fatal consequences." "Schools Minister Lord Adonis said incidents involving knives were rare but the Government wanted a zerotolerance approach.

"That's why we are giving head teachers these tough new powers to search for weapons," he said.

"We think parents will welcome the clear message that bringing a knife into schools will not be tolerated."

The article can be found at;

- Janq

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This morning on CNN they were doing their daily foreign news report and it featured an item about out of control gun crimes in the UK (?), specifically Manchester.
The reported stated that over the last 18 months there have 1K gun related crimes just in Manchester (!).
I'm busy with work right now but later I'll try to find a specific source to confirm as much.
All this from a country that has done what Sarah Brady and foolish know nothing anti's espouse and dream of.

BTW just for giggles take a peek at the crime stats for Washington, DC where for the last 30 yrs. guns have been strictly prohibited and city govt. officials would like to see it stay that way...

Their murder rate as of '03 was 5.75 times the national average and all violent crime was 2.63 times the national average (!).
Data Source: 2003 FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement |
Crime in geenral and murders in specific in DC have trended upward every year to date since 2003 to a point that last summer police chief Ramsey instituted a state of emergency condition for the city overall.

DC, England, Australia, and prisons should be the safest places going...if you follow the assertions of antis who as based on their actions have an agenda to put us all in danger and ultimately make life easier & more productive/lucrative for criminals just like the English did for their own.

- Janq

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The DC issue is why I was happy to move from MD to Va. I now happily carry all the time and feel better for it.

Work offered me a position in PG county in MD again, and I declined as no carry there, and it is the DC thug overflow...

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Okay I looked up the news info to confirm what I thought I'd heard on CNN and it turns out I was off...way off.
In fact so far off I was on both the total amount as well as the time frame that I feel this information is deserving of it's own thread.

You all will not believe this...!
Hell I wouldn't if it were not for the fact that the info is on my screen and the source as stated are the police themselves.

Seemy two UK related posts in the General Gun Forum area.

- Janq
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