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Tazed in Florida

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so im sure everyone has seen this in some form by now

any comments?
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these are two of my favorites...

that situation appeared to be handled extremely poorly via all the video i have seen. i know the camera was on, etc. (and i hate monday morning quarterbacking), but those officers could have taken him down and cuffed him with little to no effort if they were more aggressive. to me it seemed like they were playing patty-cake with him until they decided to use the taser.
Nose Nuggets said:
i would have had a complete fucking freak out and bloodied at least one officer... fuck all that. hell, if i had been in the room i would probably still be in prison right now for assaulting an officer.
and this is the problem officers encounter daily. no offense, but that is a very poor attitude. if you are ever in that situation one day and act like you say... you will more than likely be taken to the hospital once your "rant" is stopped.

there are rules given to spectators at debates with any politician. some people choose to disobey and they are treated accordingly. it has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

per my above comment, the officers should have just taken him down, cuffed him, and removed him. it was the initial lack of force which i have a problem with.

bottom line is no matter what any of us watch, none of us were there... therefore we cannot judge.
take a look at the video again... the guy was no under arrest, but merely being escorted out of the building. just because an officer puts his hands on you and escorts you somewhere does not mean you are under arrest. now the second the dumbdumb pulled away from the officers he was under arrest (for delaying/resisting) and so the drama began.
KingPerformance said:
If you are acting disorderly then yes, a police officer can arrest you.
Nose Nuggets said:
if you put your hands on me its assault. are you saying its not the same for a cop if he has no reason? can a cop walk up to me on the street and grab me by the arm?
actually if someone put their hands on you, it would be battery, but that is besides the point. yes, an officer can walk up to you and grab you if he has reason, whether you think it is right or not. you could be a spot on match for a suspect being sought after, etc, etc.

like kingperformance said:

KingPerformance said:
The thing you HAVE to remember is you can't fight an arrest while it is taking place, you can ONLY fight an arrest in court. END OF STORY.
and some people decide to learn the hard way...
Nose Nuggets said:
hell, the guy even said, "let me up and i will walk out of here".
he was textbook disorderly as he even looked back like he knew he was out of line and was going to envoke a reaction.

just because stupid said, "why are you arresting me" does not mean he was under arrest at that point. people just don't understand and ignorance to the law is no excuse.

he said he would roll on his stomach and cooperate, the officers let him, he did, and he resisted again. its just like people screaming, "i can't breathe!!!!"

KingPerformance said:
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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