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Tazed in Florida

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so im sure everyone has seen this in some form by now

any comments?
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since when is asking a man who is disrupting a crowed to leave completely out of the question? thats what i cant wrap my mind around. i would be in prison right now if that was me. i would have had a complete fucking freak out and bloodied at least one officer. yeah, there are funny videos, and the guy sounds like a girl when hes screaming about the taser. fuck all that. hell, if i had been in the room i would probably still be in prison right now for assaulting an officer. i saw a man verbally heckling a senator from a podium with a microphone be grabbed mid sentence, forced to the ground, tazerd, cuffed, and arrested. at no point through the 4 videos of the vent that i saw did ANYONE ask him to leave. not 1.

is freedom of speech just a slogan we throw around now?
its the fact that it went from zero to arrest with nothing else in between that infuriates me. the guy was just talking in a mic and got arrested for it. thats bogus!
if you put your hands on me its assault. are you saying its not the same for a cop if he has no reason? can a cop walk up to me on the street and grab me by the arm?
i dont think he was acting disorderly. i dont think the officers had grounds to arrest him for anything. nor did they say they where arresting him untill after the event.

tazers need to be used with severe discression. the fact that you would suggest a moderately disruptive individual would be categorized as a tazerable individual is kind of disconcerting.
it even says in your quote "As a common law principle, there should be some warning beforehand by the police before force is used" which there was not. its totally understandable that the warning is not REQUIRED. there are plenty of scenarios where a warning is not pheasable. you gave a great example, your walking down the street and you happen to look like a suspect currently being perused. however, one of them is NOT standing at a podium talking through a microphone. hell, the guy even said, "let me up and i will walk out of here". i cant believe you can defend police forcefully grabbing an individual like this. hes talking. not even offensively. hes not threating hes not cursing. hes just asking heated questions. Kerry is answering the guys questions while being tazed. IMHO this would have ALL been acceptable if the first thing they had done was say "sir, i have to ask you to leave now your being a disruption." any heat at that point and you can do what you need too. but i stand by my previous statement, and this goes for anybody. if i get grabbed by the arm at random, someones getting a shot in the mouth. if you have no questions for me i have none for you.
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from wiki

A typical statutory definition of disorderly conduct, in this case Indiana's, defines the offense in this way:

A person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally:

(1) engages in fighting or in tumultuous conduct;
(2) makes unreasonable noise and continues to do so after being asked to stop; or
(3) disrupts a lawful assembly of persons;
and the definition of disruption can be found here
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