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Tactical Gear Links.

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Tactical Gear Mfg's/Retailers:

5.11 Tactical - Mfg/Retailer
ATS Tactical - Mfg/Retailer
Blackhawk Industired - Mfg/Retailer
Blackwater Gear - Mfg/Retailer
Camotech Embroidery - Custom Embroidery
Cyre Precision - Mfg/Retailer, Multicam Originator
Eagle Industries - Mfg/Retailer
EmdomUSA - Mfg/Retailer
Extreme Gear Labs - Mfg/Retailer
High Speed Gear - Mfg/Retailer
L.A. Police gear - Retailer. Checkout their closeout adn Snooze N' Lose Deals section for some steals.
Maxpedition - Mfg/Retailer
Milspec Monkey - Mfg/Retailer
Practical Tactical - They are close to Scirion.
Ranger Joes - Retailer
SKD Tactical - Retailer
S.O. Tech - Mfg/Retailer
Special Operatiosn Equipment - Mfg/Retailer. John Willis
SpecOps Brand - Mfg/Retailer
Specter Tactical - Mfg/Retailer
Supply Captain - Retailer
Tactical Assault Gear - Mfg/Retailer
Tactical Tailor - Mfg/Retailer
U.S. Cavalry - Retailer
U.S. Patriot Store - Retailer

Tactical Gear Info

Military Morons - Infosite specializing in Tactical Gear and Firearm Accessories. Exceptional first hand information. - Another great gear infosite.
Tactical Testing and Evaluation - Cuz he's a member here? ;)
DIY Tactical - DIY!

Tactical Training

Crisis Response International - Training
Firearms Training - Training
International Mobile Training - Training
LMS Defense - Training
Tactical Response - Training
Tiger Valley - Training - Review here by our own Gun-Nut!

Feel free to post your favs in this thread. I'll keep compiling in this first post. Be nice if they were places you had first hand experience dealing with.
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Can you add Tiger Valley under the training section. I've taken classes from this guy and wrote a short review on the first one.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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