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T.I.G.E.R Valley review

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I thought I'd share my experience on a recent tactical pistol class I attended at Tiger Valley.
This school rocks! The instructors are very informative with years of real world experience. The class was 3 days of apprx. 6 hours of shooting per day. Each person shot 700-800 rounds per day. (2400 total).
The class covered a variety of drills such as:
Single shot, Double tap, Target to target, Lock slide reload, closed slide reload, Draw from holster, 6 shot drill, Moving and shooting, Moving targets, Strong to weak hand transition(single shot and double tap with each hand), and pop up targets.
Most of these drills were timed on day 3.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but this is most of them.
My skills with a pistol are 100% better than the day I started the class.

If your ever in Texas, I highly recommend this school. I don't have much to compare it too, other than my military training.(Which primarily focused on the M4, SAW, M60, 240, M24 etc.)

Visit their website here
They have some cool videos in their gallery section.
When your looking at the classes online, they have a price of $350.
However, when you look at the schedule and hold the arrow over the class it gives the real price of $200.

This facility also teaches carbine, tactical rifle, and big-bore(.50 cal) rifle classes.

If you have any ????'s ask away.
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