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Swiped this little beauty

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While I was visiting my parents this weekend, my dad offered me one of the two M1 Carbines that he inherited from grandfather. He has one that is 100% original (and I kick myself for not writing down the info from the receiver) and one that my grandfather had "sporterized" with a different stock and inexpensive scope. I took the sporterized one since I plan on shooting it and I thought it was better to leave the original in it's current state (it will be mine someday anyway).

I'm not quite sure what I plan on doing, but I will definitely need to change the stock as it was damaged years back. I may add an aimpoint or something similar and just have fun plinking away at the range. She's been sitting quite a while so the first order of business is a disassembly and cleaning.

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thats a nice carbine there, hardly ever see them with scope mounts
fatcat said:
thats a nice carbine there, hardly ever see them with scope mounts
I'm a little worried that my grandfather may have drilled and tapped the receiver for the scope mount. :eek:
It looks like it, I cant think of any other way to mount a scope.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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