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Survivalism: The SHTF in Maine

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It's been lost in the news lately, but we had a pretty big storm on the east coast here, and we really got whacked in Maine.

We've been out of power since 6:30AM Monday. No power means no heat, (electric burner), no water (electric pump for the well) and no power for stuff.

Monday was fine, the house temp was in the low 60's, Tuesday was okay with the house temp in the low 50's, and Wednesday was in the 40s' when we decided to decamp. The only thing really making us leave is that I had no internet access, and thus coudn't work, so we all went down to my office in MA and got a hotel.

We are going back tonight because the public library is back up so I can work from there, even though we still don't have power at home. The next few days are supposed to get warmer, not 35 degrees windy and rainy like it's been since seemingly forever, so the place should warm up a bit.

For months I've been saving water in jugs in the basement, and they came in really really handy for washing, cooking and flushing the toilets. I've used a camp stove (peak I) to make 3 meals a day for the family, and we've had enough flashlights and candles to last.

Anyway, with the exception of a decent way to heat the house, I felt pretty prepared to stay there for a while. I have a wood stove in my home office above the garage, so we could always go over there to get warm, and just go back to the house to use toilets and whatnot.
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