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survival thread

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im starting this thread to see if we need a survival subforum added to this allready great site.lets keep the the thread on topic and discuss tips,tricks,skills,preperations,gear,and anything that might help keep your ass alive during shtf conditions.ill start it off with low budget traumatic wound treatment.use a tampon to plug gunshot wounds.cover it with a maxi pad for a field dressing and seal it up with duct tape.better than a band aid.
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this thread is old - but i think we need this as a sub topic

in the spirit of it

can anyone point me in the right direction on where i can find a list or standard practice procedures for disaster/emergency preparedness?

my wife and i were discussing getting living wills completed and this topic came up

so i want to ensure i have all the bases covered
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This is a good idea.
I have no recollection of seeing it prior.

- Janq
I concur. We should have a sub section, with stickies on food, water, and first aid.
Ever want to know how much food you would need for a year, not jsut to survive, but to do well and eat normally, more or less? Here's a calculator for that.

Seems to be based of the Mormon's church and their tenet of having enough food for a year.
For all intents and purposes, lets say there is some sort of epidemic. I think you should have enough supplies for yourself for 5 years. If you can make it until then, then you are pretty set.
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