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Surefire C2 modified!

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OK - i ordered a bunch of stuff from Surefire and a 3rd party to build up some of my flash lights.

the 3rd party parts came in already and some of the surefire stuff is on back order and hasnt been shipped yet

here is what i was able to assemble so far:

here is the standard C2 next to an Inova T3

here are the parts i added to the C2:

-1 button tailcap switch with strobe function
-tactical bezel
-1 cell extender with grip

when i am finished this will be a 105 lumen for 60 min monster with strobe!
(taken after janq's gladis)

i plan on compairing this to my 200 lumen weapon light and the 85 lumen T3 LED

currently waiting on lamp assemblies
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