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Suggestions on future purchase.

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First post, but anywho here I go.

I'm looking into buying or assembling either an AK or an AR variant. I'm really just looking for a fun plinking gun.

As for the AR I am looking at a DPMS lower w/ a3 16" upper. However I do not know much about the reputation of DPMS other than their price is pretty good. Is there anything I should know?

If I go the AK route (cheap route), I want to get one w/ the under folding stock... Don't particularly care if the receiver is stamped or milled. I don't know much about AK's at all... Any I should stay away from? I hear the Romanians are alright.
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First of all DPMS is a fine AR maker so you are fine there.

As for AKs you really should be weary of the underfolders. They seem to wear very fast and the folding stock gets alot of slop in it affecting your shooting. Sidefolders are much stronger and durable.

Romanian AKs are just fine. If you want a little nicer looking AK for a few bucks more look into Vector AKs. I have a Romy and its fine.

Just whatever you do, do not buy anything marked Hesse, Blackthorne, or Vulcan. They are utter crap and can be dangerous to shoot.
All I know is that their 50BMGs have BLOWN UP on people putting them in the hospital. Some have headspacign issues so bad you have to open the bolt with a mallet. Most are put together wrong(AKs welded), made from soft metal, or just so far out of spec they refuse to be reliable.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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