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Suggestion on good scope for Kal-Tec SU16A (.223)?

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Just looking for some good options for this gun at a good price. Not just brands specific scopes....Thanks.

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What type of shooting will be involved and what range? How much are you willing to spend? You can go with 1 of the many red dots out there ranging form 80$ for a tasco to over 200 for a leupold. eotech and atn also have the holo style sights. If you want a scope barska makes a decent tac scope in 1.5-4x for around 60$ you want to spend more burris nikon luepold atn trijicon make top quialty tac scopes in various power ranges. The burris scout scope is a nice compact 2.75x that would do perfectly.
I have a bushnell Legend for my SU-16, which might be a bit overkill but it works WONDERS for that rifle.

I have the shorter version of the rifle, the SU-16B, here's a picture of mine with the scope on.

Its adjustable from 6-14x50 :D
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If you're looking for a Red Dot, I'm pretty happy with my Tasco ProPoint PDP2. I got it for around $80 and it works great. It has a nice crisp 4 MOA dot and is nice and simple to use. In hind sight I probably would have gone with something a little larger. The PDP2 is 30mm, which works, but I think a 42-50mm would be a better idea on a 'tactical rifle.'

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thanks guys was actually looking for overkill the brucelee's
You should be able to find something here, look at the simmons 4x12x40 for 50$ I have six of these, they're a decent cheap scope I've never had a problem with on non-magnun guns
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