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Subcompact .45

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Okay now that I have everything in order for my permit, I've come to the realization that my Eclipse isn't exactly the most concealable gun on Earth. I love the .45 ACP round, but I'm not sure if that may be a little too much to control in a subcompact pistol, so I'm thinking something in the Commander size group. Anyone have any input as to whether this is a pretty concealable weapon when worn under light clothing?
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I looked at one of those over the weekend when I went out to shoot, but the .45 ACP only comes in the 4" barrel and the 5" barrel, I want to get something as slim and compact as possible to minimize any printing on the occasions that I do carry.
I have a slender, lean build, a full size 1911 is not easily concealable about my person in any position, hence the need for something subcompact or at least Commander sized.
Is your OTWB holster a belt slide, pancake, or paddle. I a Blackhawk Serpa on a paddle that I've been using, and I love it except for it being rigid and uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time and it's a pain in the ass to take it off, but I like it because it has the best weapon retention of any concealment holster I've seen, it's a pain in the ass to take off making it very difficult for someone to get my weapon away from me. I also have a Wilson Combat Tigershark that I absolutely LOVE, but it makes a much larger bulge than does the Blackhawk in that the Wilson Combat is designed to ride a little farther away from the body. Problem number two with the Wilson holster is that the only retention system it has is a tension screw that only seems to increase or decrease the amount of friction on the weapon. There is not "active" retention system, and if anyone knows how a standard paddle holster is held onto the waist band, it's much easier to get that one off. That being said, I have a mild problem with IWB holsters being comfortable since I don't like to buy pants that feel like they could leave some slack in the waistband for the purpose of wearing an IWB holster. OTWB is sort of the way I'm leaning, but I don't want people to know that I carry. A buddy of mine said that even with the Wilson holster printing as much as it does under a shirt, the vast majority of people won't be looking at my waist band to see whether or not I'm strapped.
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They have a number of similar holsters at my local shop, but they do have the added retention of a thumb break for the 1911 type pistols. I may have to try one of those.
MrMcCrackin said:
if your goin galco - let me know

they have a 1x a year local sale right from the factory at up to 50% off - its limited pickins though, very hit and miss
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the heads up.
The Para-Ordinance Warthog is most definitely a double stack mag. If I'm not mistaken I looked at one of those when I was comparing sub-compacts, that one feels a little bulky, so I ended up with a Springfield XD-9 Sub-Compact. I'd still like to get a sub-compact 1911 because they point a little more naturally for me than do the Glocks or even my XD, it's going to have to wait a while though.
Nose Nuggets said:
that thing is tiny. 10 rounds of .45? its gata be double stacked.
You know what they say, it's not the size that matters...
It's definitely a little guy. The grip is definitely smaller than the Kimber Ultra Carry and I'd venture to say it may be a little smaller than my XD as well.
Anyone know if Para-Ordinance makes a sub-compact 1911 similar to the Warthog in a single column mag?
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