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Being somewhat curious I ran a Google news search to see what other tools criminals in the UK use as guns and knives (!) are restricted/prohibited and by golly crimes by persons/criminals using everyday household implements are very much the norm there.

One particularly unfortunate example can be found below again occurring at a school...

UK Schoolboy hurt in hammer attack

Last Modified: 12 Jan 2007
By: Sue Turton

Police are questioning eight men after a schoolboy was beaten with a hammer in a playground attack.

Angry parents confronted a head-teacher in Swindon this morning claiming racism was rife in a school where a pupil was attacked with a hammer.

A fifteen-year-old white boy was left lying in a pool of blood after he was set upon yesterday afternoon by a gang who are believed to be Asian.

After the attack, which was witnessed by up to a hundred schoolchildren, eight youths were arrested by police and are still being questioned. The victim, who has not been named suffered head injuries but is now in a stable condition in hospital.

The article can be found at;
BTW I found in a subsequent search on the title of this article that this is not the first of such incident to occur with use of a hammer nor by a student nor on schoolgrounds in the UK (!).

Youth charged over hammer attack
Wednesday, 17 October, 2001, 14:16 GMT 15:16 UK

Police blamed for race clashes
Monday, 25 June, 2001, 00:23 GMT 01:23 UK
"...Police have been blamed by community leaders after violent clashes involving groups of Asian youths in a Lancashire town. Officers in Burnley are accused of reacting too slowly after a gang of white men allegedly launched a hammer attack on an Asian taxi driver early on Saturday..."

Hammer attack on ex's new man
Published Date: 09 June 2007
Location: Hartlepool
"A MAN stormed into his estranged wife's bedroom where he subjected her new partner - his former best friend - to an "horrendous" hammer attack..."

Man arrested over hammer attack in Englefield Green
Submitted: 15/12/2005 13:26:01

Hammer attack in gang battle
Worcestershire | Archive | 2003 | January | 21

There are lots more and that's just toward criminals using hammers.
I'll bet my keyboard that screwdrivers and other 'tools' are regularly being used as well in lieu of guns & knives in the UK.

The simple hammer.
Preferred by criminals and citizens alike...

Should the UK, or even the world, ban them and nail guns and machetes as others have firearms?
Hammers, nail guns, and machetes have been and are used to hurt if not kill people by those with criminal intent...just like guns.

And people IRL do not believe me when I tell them that the UK has the third highest rate of criminal victimization as based on populace while Australia is #1 and the commonly assumed to be worst US is far below at 15th place.
Strange how we have guns and our crime is lower while the UK and Australia do not and their numbers of victims per populace are the worst of anyone on the globe...even as they are assumed to be 'safe'.

- Janq

"Yep, Gun control works people!" - Fatcat

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Being totally serious my mother inlaw gave my daughter last Christmas a stocking stuffer hammer that weighs maybe a pound and the head unscrews to reveal various screwdriver bits and the handle acts as the driver.
The whole thing is painted and glazed in bright kid type colors and is simply a hammer with a small claw.
When I first saw it one of my first thoughts was wow that would be a great concealed weapon. It's very small and could be hung inside ones pant waist and go totally unnoticed.

If I got to the UK where knives and such are illegal, I'd probably invest in my own concealed carry hammer purchased on the cheap locally. Or maybe a standard screwdriver or even an awl...

I asked by police why I have possess such an thing I'd say it's from my sewing/knitting kit....which is what they are used for amongst a number of other applications.

- McGyver

"Necessity is the mother of invention." - Ben Franklin

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i was being completely serious

i know well of the hammer/tool you speak of :)
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