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Still can't set an avatar?

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I don't seem to have the option for setting an avatar still. What's the deal, yo?

Vostok 7
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Vostok 7 said:
Yep, my CP looks exactly like techwrtr2 up there. Oh well. I'm using Firefox if that makes any difference, but I think it didn't work in IE either. EDIT: Just tried IE7 and yep, no dice there either. I made a cool XD-45 avatar for myself awhile ago but I can't put it up!

Daniel: I've always liked guns. Haven't been TOO into them but my wife has been letting me pick up more and more so thought I'd come on over :D

Vostok 7

While I'm running FireFox too, I get the same result with IE6 & IE7.
Gun-Nut said:
Maybe Bruce is a little scared what you'll put in your avatar with a user name like yours.:D

A nekkid version of yours would be nice.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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