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Stay away from DayQuil!!! GRRRRRRRRR

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Alright, as some of you know I had a job interview today at a job I've been persuing for a while... I have a slight cold/sore throat, so I figured I'd get some dayquil, it always works, so why not right?

Last night Miki and I went to Ikea... I took some DayQuil right before we left and thought nothing of it. When we got to Ikea I started feeling really dizzy and sort of sick to my stomach... I counldn't think clearly and it was affecting my motor functions... I chalked it up to the flu and being sick... I feared that it would get worse the next day for my interview...

Next morning I wake up and I feel pretty good... Sore throat like usual and some minor caughing. Drank a glass of chocolate milk and a granola bar, headed off to the interview.... While in my car I remembered I had DayQuil in the glove box so I popped 2 pills so I'd be good for my interview.

Well, and hour into my interview I get violently ill... I couldn't finish the interview and had to reschedule (which totally sucks because this is my future). This could have very well cost me my job. I was really pissed off that I was sick but I couldn't really blame myself because, well, I was friggin sick, and it happens.

I got home and a couple hours went by, and now I feel great... sore throat still, but thats it.

I call Miki and we were talking about what could have caused the sickness... I told her that I took Dayquil before the interview (I've always taken it, works fine... ) She then asked me what was in DayQuil, I told her Tylenol, Dextromorphan, and psuedoephedrine (spelling?!)... She then says "No...". No dayquil has a new formula that is "Psuedoephedrine-free"... they replaced it with a drug called "phenylephrine"... The reason being is because drug users abuse psuedoephedrine and make crack out of it (or some crap) so they changed it...

Turns out the drug "phenylephrine" has a slew of side effects including:

an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of your throat; swelling of your lips, tongue, or face; or hives);
· seizures;
· unusual behavior or hallucinations; or
· an irregular or fast heartbeat.
· dizziness, lightheadedness, or drowsiness;
· headache;
· insomnia;
· anxiety;
· tremor (shaking) or restlessness;
· nausea or vomiting; or
· sweating.
I had all of the bold ones!!! :mad:

I'm so pissed! Stay away from that crap!

c/n: Dayquil changed ingredients and added "phenylephrine" which has mad side effects and made me really ill for my job interview. :mad:
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Dude, you want to see some fucked up shit, look up dextromethorphan on the internet. One of the active ingredients in all cold medicine (DayQuill included). When I was younger, I used to have a drug problem (pre Army) and that was one of the drugs I used to abuse (could get it in pure form from a site on the internet that doesn't exist anymore, thank god for the FDA). I used to take that shite to get fucked up. Over the counter cold medicine is bad news. I don't even take Aspirin anymore.
Shad, check your PMs man. ;)
What's the job, if you don't mind me asking?
Just some website type programming BS that I'd rather not talk about.
I used to have Ambien for my insomnia....didnt make me sleep but made me feel like I was hardcore (just before puke) buzzing on vodka and gave me blackouts.

I remember I was staying at a friends and I took some to try to get sleep. It didnt work so a few hours later I was still chillin watching movies with my some people that came over. I asked if I could have another Cherry Coke and they said they didnt have any. I asked "How the hell did I get this one?" They said I had walked 1/2 mile into town to the 24 hr gas station and bought it, and came back. I had no idea I had done it.

Hows that for you.
Fuck Ambien. Makes you feel like shit in the morning. Ambien CR does a halfass job, although better than Ambien by far. I've even tried Trazodone for sleep (last thing my "Mental Health Councilor" prescribed me to). Still the most effective thing, which I still use to this day, is a 12 pack of Coors Light. I sleep when I want to afterwards, don't have nightmares (my biggest problem with sleeping through the night), and it isn't enough to give me a hangover. Not recommended for everyone, but it works for me.
i usually go with a couple of whiskey drinks that way if i'm feeling a little sick i can hack up the phlem in the morning lol
Oh God Ambien... I dont sleep at night like... at all so I started on this stuff and I ended up doing all kinds of crap like walking around the house and wakeing up on the floor and other things that im still not sure how I mannaged to do, hell I even cleaned up the house one night.
I take Trazodone now to but it seems that it does not work any more so I just pop a few benadryl and im out.
I just stay up till I crash....and then the cycle starts all over again. The last few weeks I have been so tired I havent had much of a problem.
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