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Started the 6 year old on pistols yesterday

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Mrz Jamz and daughter were off at a baby shower so the Boy and I went off to do Manly things all day. After lots of food, video games, bike riding, playing on the orcks, visiting a narrow guage train museum, I decided I'd take him to the local shooting pit.

There was a nice guy there who built SBRs and I got some good info as to who around is willing to sign off on the appropriate paperwork for a supressor (and a SBR if I want one of those). Anyway, gave him instruction, loaded a round into the P22, and let him shoot it at paper.

He did fine, and we worked our way slowly up to 5 rounds in the magazine.

Sadly, it misfired about 1 out of every 4 or 5 rounds- I hadn't brought the type of ammo it likes. Once when I was testing it I was shooting at a spray can that I had brought and set up about 30 yards away. I missed it entirely, but I did hit, and penetrate, a small cannister of mostly-empty propane (like the kind you use to solder pipes). That thing exploded, and started spinning for about 20 seconds like a firework because the bullet entered it at a severe angle, and it was not as empty as I had thoght!

Fun day though.
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