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Spyder AMG LCD w/ ALOT of Access.

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A working Kingman Spyder AMG LCD this gun was discontinued about 2-3 years ago and i bought it for around 230 but im selling it for 190 and it comes with this:
-1:Spyder AMG LCD (Electric Trigger((Semi,3-6round burst and full auto)), 13 inch barrel)
-1:Veiwloader Revolution Auto-Winding Hopper
-1:20oz Co2 Tank
-1:12oz CO2 Tank
-1:9oz Co2 Tank
-4:140 rnd speed loaders
-1: Spyder Sonix Semi-Automatic Paintball gun and hopper

2 guns, 3 Co2 Tanks, 4 speed loaders for 190 its a steal
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Spyder AMG LCD:

Spyder Sonix:

sorry man i dont have a camera but i can tell you the AMG has one or two scratchs around the barrel input and the verticle feed. and the spyder sonix is missing the cocking knob but you can really just find a screw to do the same thing. both guns fire fine but i would suggest using higher grade paint balls in the AMG because it is a tournament level gun and brass eagle and lower grade paint chop because of the 17 bps ROF love this sport but its way too expensive and ive found airsoft and they are sitting in my room accumulating dust.
price reduction

im reducing the price to 150 bucks instead of 190
new price reduction

lowering it 150 now
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