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Spyder AMG LCD w/ ALOT of Access.

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A working Kingman Spyder AMG LCD this gun was discontinued about 2-3 years ago and i bought it for around 230 but im selling it for 190 and it comes with this:
-1:Spyder AMG LCD (Electric Trigger((Semi,3-6round burst and full auto)), 13 inch barrel)
-1:Veiwloader Revolution Auto-Winding Hopper
-1:20oz Co2 Tank
-1:12oz CO2 Tank
-1:9oz Co2 Tank
-4:140 rnd speed loaders
-1: Spyder Sonix Semi-Automatic Paintball gun and hopper

2 guns, 3 Co2 Tanks, 4 speed loaders for 190 its a steal
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for anyone wanting to get started in paintball this is a killer package. Spyder products are good solid guns, no frills but solid and reliable none the less.

just... go buy a box of o-rings and call it a day.

nice price too.
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