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As reported by the Home News Tribune:

Somerset man head-butts would-be armed robber

Home News Tribune Online 03/19/07
[email protected]

A man who was the intended victim of an armed robbery head butted his assailant several times, wrestled a handgun away from him, and then had a drug store clerk call police, who took the suspect into custody.

Police said the intended victim in the Sunday afternoon incident ran into a Rite Aid drugstore to get help.

As the man was walking in the area of Lewis Street and Matilda Avenue around 3 p.m., Sante A. Patron, 37, of New Brunswick Avenue in Fords, approached him, brandishing a 9 mm pistol, said. Cpl. Philip Rizzo.

A struggle ensued, and the 28-year-old victim, a Somerset resident, wrestled the weapon away from Patron while head butting him, Rizzo said.

After the suspect fell to the ground, the victim ran into the Rite Aid drug store on the corner of Hamilton Street and Matilda Avenue, advised a clerk to call the police, and handed them the weapon when they arrived. About seven officers responded to the scene.

Patron was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for treatment of a head injury and was released the same day, Rizzo said.

He was charged with armed robbery, possession of a weapon without a permit, and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person.

Patron was taken to Somerset County Jail, Rizzo said. Bail was set at $200,000, cash or bond.

The story can be found at

- Janq

Lesson learned:
Folks have got to know and remember the truism; 'Everything is a weapon!'.
It's true, everything and anything is and can be used as a weapon as long as you keep your head and use it...which might even be in a literal sense.

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can u imagine if they actually did knock each other out?


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Nose Nuggets said:
SEVEN cops dispatched for one already disarmed perp? i suppose you cant be too careful but 7! must be a slow day.
Seven cops to an incident with an armed subject is a good start. He's supposedly disarmed and subdued? What if he starts acting up and has another weapon? What if he has an unseen accomplice? What if it's a shitty area and the locals start taunting and harassing the cops (common)?

So many things are uncertain until at least two or three cops are on scene and have called "all clear." By then, there's likely to be a Sergeant or two, and maybe a Lieutenant or Detective on the scene.

Plus, I don't know anything about Somerset, NJ, but it's close to 95 and NYC, so I'm sure it sees its share of crap. I'm sure they ride 2/car there too.,0.173035&t=h&om=1&iwloc=addr
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