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Someone tried to break into my house today!!!

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Posted this earlier on another message board:

I was in the kitchen getting a pepsi and making my way to the stairs when I heard the distinctive sound of my front door knob being touched and turned slowly... I thought that it was Miki trying to sneak in (she usually uses the garage which is loud) and scare me, so I quietly walk up to the door and look through the peephole and see a young male with black and red jacket (probably like 20-25 years old) ram his shoulder into the door while trying to open it with the nob! I run my ass upstairs as fast as I possibly could (Only way out is the garage which leads to the front as well), I grabbed my Glock 21 which is loaded with .45HP ammo, grab my cell phone and dial 911... It was busy and was automatically routed to CHP... I snuck back downstairs and looked out the peep hole and he was gone... A nice sign of relief.

I opened the door slowly and looked outside (because your view is so limited from the peephole). I noticed some neighbors playing with their kids down the street... I locked my door, put the pistol "away" and asked them if they had seen anything... They said they weren't really paying attention to my side of the street or anything so they weren't much help.

The problem with my housing complex is that I'm 2 houses away from a stone wall that seperates us from railroad tracks and some pretty low budget houses. There has been a string of robberies in my neighborhood during the day when everyone is at work... They basically run in, grab whatever they can of value and are out within like 2 mins.

Anyway, i called the cops directly and reported this. They should be here soon.

Still a little shook up... Pistol is in a holster even though I know it'd be stupid for them to come back at this point.


Update. Saw a guy on the other side of the fence with same jacket and ethnicity walking along the railroad tracks... Cop is chasing after him right now.


My front door:

View from my driveway:

Garbage bin moved towards wall from its original place so that it's easier to hop the wall

Another part of the wall that has been bent downward in the past for easier access

Another view:

Slum right next door to our complex. You can see the railroad tracks in the distance:

Another view:

Latest update: Cops busted someone near my house... like 5 cop cars, however, I don't have any further updates as the cops didn't come back to tell me squat.

Boy, that guy tried to force himself into the wrooooong house.
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lol That guy will never know how lucky he was that he did not get it...

Glad everythings ok, Someone tryed to pry a door open in my house with me here but sadly the dogs scared him away... I wanted to give him a nice welcome and scare the shit out of him with a full sized AR-15.

one question, howcome you called the cops first?
I asked in the other thread but no answer. You got a safe?
good thing your not harmed

i would have ran after his ass with my 12 gauge......

ohh well, back to normal now
STiDreams said:
I asked in the other thread but no answer. You got a safe?

Of course!
Well its a nice thing he gave up or he would have a mag of 45 in him.

Brucie....what ammo do you use in your glock 21?

Loaded in the G21 at this very moment is some remington hollowpoint crap. It's not the greatest, but it gets the job done. I can't justify spending $35 for 25 rounds of home defense ammo.
Yeah remingtons have issues with their effectiveness. Im a fan of Corbon or Speer Gold Dots
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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