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Some pics from the Alameda County Sheriff's range.

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Here are some pictures from todays range practice with rifles at the Alameda County Sheriff's range.

Me and my SOCOM 16.

My friend from Alameda Sheriffs department with his A1.

My friend from Vallejo P.D. with his Carbon 15 and duty AR (slung).
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I did meet the guys from Mythbusters....I wish I could get a fun gig like that :).

On my Socom, I did the Camo pattern myself. I cut out some patterns on a sheet of paper and got some Aluma Hyde 2 from Brownells. Very tough finish.
fatcat said:
Cool pictures looks like a nice place to shoot.

It seems that A1 is missing the launcher that matches those handgurds or something...

37mm or 40mm launchers are a no-no in this state :rolleyes:
They were doing tests on armor piercing rounds for hand guns. They tested some of the old KTW rounds (tungsten steel bullets with a teflon coating), normal bullets coated with teflon, and if the old Black Talon would go through a vest. Pretty neat. Nice guys.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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