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I just got this SOG Flash2 knife as a gift, Its very nice and I have started to carry it because its cheaper than my Gerber that I do not want to lose...

The only thing I hate about it is the stupid safety, does anyone know how or where I can learn to take it off or disable it? It seems to flip on every time I go to use it.

I do understand the need for the safety, I would be kinda scared it would come open in my pocket...

You know, now that I think about it I may leave it on. But I would still like to know how.

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I have a Flash II Tigerstripe. I liked it a lot but cleaning with the auto-assist gets very annoying. Now it's un-assisted for me! Carson flipper for the win!

As far as the safety, if you crack it open you'll see it's basically just a little lever inside there that blocks the blade from opening. I never had a problem with mine locking on it's own, but I always left it locked "just in case" 'cause those things are sensitive.

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