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So I'm looking for a new job

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I'm kinda tired of this. I feel I'm cock diesel enough now.

I'm tired of being shot at and shooting back for money. If I die in combat, I would rather it be for something with a little more substance than fattening my pockets.

I took 2 weeks off last week to try and find a new job.
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MrMcCrackin said:
wow - first thing i thought of was clint eastwood as a forced to retire gunny sgt that went into the civy world and had to adjust

good luck ghoul!

You should really stop smoking crack. Seriously.

Nose Nuggets said:
what else are you good at?

what else do you like to do?
I am good with my hands. Construction, destruction, automotive, electronical, etc.

Anything that needs to be fixed, I can fix. I can build things, take things apart and put them together.

I like auto work, but IDK about a career in it.
Yeah, I do have a some funds set aside. But the more I touch it, the later it will be before I can retire. I could go about 3 months without working and living the way I do. If I stretch it, I can make about 5 months.

I think I'll go back to teaching at a child development center and see what's what. Plus, I'll get to play for pay. :)
Nose Nuggets said:
teach... .child...... WHAT WHAT WHAT??!?!

I used to be a teacher at a child development center. CDI/CDC is the company name.
Believe it or not, kids love me. I am pretty much a big kid, with the exception that I have more responsibility in my pinky than the general populous (of my age.)

I know how to relax and have fun while still maintaining authoritive command. It is simple. Kill one kid, and have the others watch. Then buy everyone ice cream. You are loved and feared simultaneously.

And as a side note-my mom ran a licenced family day care center out of our home for the 19 years that I lived there. I grew up taking care of kids, so naturally, my first job at 18 was with kids.
jamz said:
We have an opening in the marketing department, but there's very little killing involved.
I'd be interested, but we are on opposite sides of the US. Unless it is an E-job...;)
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