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So I want an AK-47

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Ive always wanted one
What do I need to look out for bad or good?

How much am I looking at spending?

Ive always wanted some kind of assault rifle, and somthing like this looks like a good idea
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First it depends on how much you want to spend... Second the lowist your going to pay for a TRUE assault rifle is about $6,000 for an AC-556 (Fully automatic) Because semiautomatic rifles are not true assault rifles... Yes... even if they look like it! (Something the anti gun people love to coin is the word 'EVIL ASSAULT RIFLE" When they dont know what there talking about.

Well enough of that rant... Where do you live? you need to make sure what state you live in it's legal to own a rifle that takes over 10 rounds and has not made it cost an arm and a leg to get one.
on the low end of the spectrum, if you're a very DIY person, it can run you about 200-300 to build your own depending on how much you wanna do/build yourself.
The AK is the only "assault rifle" you will ever need, don't pay more than 500, and find something made in a real reputable arsenal.

Well -- Unless you build your own, which is super easy., then 200-250 (Kit and reciver) bucks (with 5-6 american parts) is all you need.
You can expect to pay 3 plus change and up. The cheapest are the Romanian WASR's. I own a GPWASR 10 and it's very reliable. I also own an Arsenal SLR105(AK74). Arsenal makes great AK's and the WASR is the cheapest AK usually. The Arsenal cost me 6 and came with one mag and a nice muzzle brake and a other accessories. The WASR cost me 3 and came with two mags, mag pouch, slant cut muzzle brake, bayonet and other accessories. Hope that helps.
WASR works just fine. I do like the new Vector Arms AMD 65 though mainly cause its so mean looking.

Yeah expect 300 up with a top of the line tactical AK from Krebs costing a buttload.
Oh yeah the one to stay away from is anything marked Hesse Arms or Vulcan Arms.

You can usually find a decent MAK 90 kicking around as well pretty cheap on the auction sites.
im personaly a Yugo M70 fan if your going to go with an underfolder thare the best and the barrels are mutch better if its ben upgraded with a zastva barrel an upgraded one will typicly run about $500-$600 its a damn fine gun.
well, not to try to change your choice of weaponry, but an sks can be used as a full auto weapon also, if relaxed your trigger finger will smack the trigger and empty the clip in the same time an ak does. :)
Just go with an AK, the SKS's mags are trickey if you try to replace the 10 rounder and its much more easy to bump fire with an AK.

Btw sniper its not a clip :)
fatcat said:
Just go with an AK, the SKS's mags are trickey if you try to replace the 10 rounder and its much more easy to bump fire with an AK.

Btw sniper its not a clip :)
MY BAD!!!! <>) :)

ur right its not a clip, and it is tricky to replace the magazine
Are AK's from Century Arms any good? I can go pick one up for a little over $300 right now?

Don't know anything about them...shot an AK once at advanced weapons school. But for the money I'd get one just to f-around with.
Yes! there all for the most part very good for the price.
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