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So I just bought a new AK-47S tonight...

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I went into my local shooting range and saw what looked like an AK-47S (folding stock) behind the counter, which is odd because they are illegal in CA.

I ask the clerk about it, and upon further inspection, it's not an AK-47 at ALL, it's an AK-22! It shoots .22LR. Priced at $200, I had to get it. Comes with a 10 round mag that looks like a 20 round AK banana magazine. To the untrained gun person, this is an AK, looks exactly like one if you didn't know what you were looking for. I was very surprised.. it shoots really nicely... Far better than that Stupid POS Sig Mosquito ever shot. (I shot 50 rounds through it, 10 were rapid fire, not a single hiccup... and it was brand new.).

Its made by a company called "Armscorp".

I can't find a single picture on the interw3b either! Damnit.

Funny little gun... I like it. I hate .22, but this this is pretty damn cool.
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I know what you are talking about. They are made in the Phillipines by Armscor....the same company that makes Charles Daly and Rock Island Armory 1911's.

Mind if I asked how much you gave for it? You know they have actual Romaian AKs converted to 22lr as well. I think they are about 250 bucks new. I was thinking about getting one fo those.

Glad you got a 22 that works. You should see the Armscor AR loooking 22...its goofy as hell.
I paid $200 for it... I couldnt pass it up.. I knew you would have some insight to it.
I wish I could get a real one converted to .22, but alas, its not. :(

Damn CA
The reciever is different so you might be able to adn the mag body is the standard 30rd but its only 10. I will have to check if the ditributor sell it to cali out of curiosity.
brucelee said:
I paid $200 for it... I couldnt pass it up.. I knew you would have some insight to it.

Hey I have no other hobby but cars and those are just way too expensive.
Totally sweet! However....

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No pics for 10 days! I live in CA!!!!
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