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Okay, as some know I'm training for an MMA fight.

Tuesday I had the shit beat out of me. KOed 4 times, broken nose, broken orbital socket.

Went to the ER today (Friday) to get my shit checked out to make sure my brain wasn't bleeding or anything serious. Went through about an hour or two of standard Dr./ER bullshit and then got a CT scan and X-Rays. Techie girl comes walking up and says "Are you Kyle?"

I look down the hall behind me, acting like I'm looking for someone. "Who, me?"

"Oh, sorry."

"I'm just kidding. I'm Kyle." Laughs/bullshit insert here. We go in, she does her thing getting the machine ready, and then she puts the lead skirt on me. She didn't hand it to me to put on, she went behind me and put it on me. * :D *

We start BSing, I tell her what happened (for some reason, as cliche as it is, chicks dig it), and we wind up having a nice 45 minute conversation in the Ray room. She leaves, gets my pictures on the computer, and I start looking at them. She walks in, and tells me I'm not supposed to be using their equipment. "Eh. It IS my head, isn't it? ;)"

So I look at the pictures, ask a bunch of dumb questions that I know the answer to, and then we go back to the ER room where I am supposed to wait. I ask her about what time I am supposed to get out of there, because I have a hot date. She laughed and told me that I should be good to go in about 30 minutes (read:7:30PM) I then asked if she would care to go to dinner with me at 8:15, and she obliged. I got back at around 12/12:30ish.

Guess I'd share that highlight of my day.
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