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So I bought something new

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I got a DPMS Varmint upper assembly coming to play with. Came with 24in stainless 1/9 twist barrel, free float handguards, and swivel attachment for bi pod. Check this out.....417.00 with shipping! And just to piss off all the tactical people........I am putting my detachable A2 rear and front sights on it. LOL
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Midway USA
We shall see. Its not like this one has to do very well to look good by comparison. I think Daniel had a worse time with his Olympic A2 than I am with my Colt A1. I will say it is doing better now that I went to the S&W dry lube. At least its a lot easier to clean.
fatcat said:
Il say it again and again... Try a D-fender...

Mostly its feeding issues. Only when I use cheap ass dirty ammo do I suffer extraction issues. Its sad cause I have a Stag Arms "enhanced" bolt and carrier for "maximum reliability". And its not mags causing it, cause it will do it with my Brownells, Colts, and even an HK I borrowed. I just think Colt couldn't make a decent rifle to save their ass back then.
Enhanced means it has a beefed up extractor. It very similar to LMT enhanced bolt.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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