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Smallest revolver ever!

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This swiss made revolver is the smallest fully working gun ever... And yes they are for sale

They fire a special kind of ammo made by them to.

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I could train an underground army of ferrets with guns to do my bidding!
i'd wouldn't mind having that gun....just like $N][P3R said "It'll be a nice conversation piece" ya it would especially if we are over each others house and it comes up....i could carry that gun around everywhere right in my hands and not get caught cool!!
then u better not get into a fight with someone.....(theyd whoop ur ass)
i'll get in a fight with you...$N][P3R so bring it!! i know where you live! :lol:
ya i would definitaly would like them better...
damn, the belt clip version would be nice to have :)
and watch out not to shoot your fingers off...them guns probably don't even go past the tips of your fingers..
owww, why would u guys say that, now it hurts :(
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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