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Slobodan Milosovic is dead, foudn so in jail cell in Holland

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Daniel.....I know as a Croat you despised the Yugoslavian government and this asshole in particular. Just thought you would like to hear the news if you havent already.
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babic killed himself last week, but I have not heard how he done it.
Well according to last update they think he had a coronary. Although since he wasnt very original it would not have suprised me if he pulled a Hermann Goering.
Dude! I started a thread about it already!

F'ing good news indeed. w000000000t
then change the title of this thread from milosovich to milan babic
I think Im going to print out pictures of him and take them to the range,....

Yes, that is what I will do ! HA !
I think he got off easy, his trial was set to come to an end and he was to be sentenced in April. I wanted him to suffer, even though he never understood the point of the trial and was thickheaded and in denial throughout the trial.
This just proves the UN can't do sqaut as usual.
same here
LMAO, I'll take that to the range with me. :)
who da man say it 8)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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