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Since I'm not allowed to get a bike while...

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living under my dad's roof(being financially dependent for crap like college is a bitch :wink:), AND since WA state doesn't allow anyone under 21 to posess a pistol... I am going to go for an AK-47. Price isn't really an issue, but I'm not looking for the top-of-the-line AK-47. I've been looking on and wikipedia... but my ADD takes too much control and I can't do any productive research.

I need recommendations. Here is my criteria:
Wood stock, I don't want any stamped metal crap... I want a big heavy gun. (that way my skinny ass will be able to better deal with the recoil, hah)

and new if possible. That's it.

Thanks for all input, oh and I did perform a search before making my own "help me buy an AK" thread... but it was to no avail.
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