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I'm suprised I haven't seen this site referenced more here.

While I usually hate linking to other forums some of this guys stuff is absolutely insane.

Guy who runs this site is named Robert Silvers. Who also has a bunker on his property with 2-3 of every modern firearm made. He is involved with AAC Advanced Armament Corp and the manufacturing of silencers.

Vids here:

The AAC Silencer shoot is pretty cool. Not sure wassup with the M79 though ;P More quiet then firing a bunch of airsoft guns. The last guy with the Barrett HAHAHA.

If you follow airsoft news you'l see that AAC has licensed with Private Parts Airsoft to make airsoft versions of their silencers.
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I cant look at this stuff, Im trying to save money and the the gun store down the road just got the full line of AAC supressers in. I have to stay away from them I was eyeing the M4-2000 for quite some time for my FN FS2000

FS2K with supresser.

AAC's place is right down the road from me as well. They sell stickers!
Yeah, with subsonics it is VERY quiet..

As for your link, lol it only works on .22's

Not that I have ever tryed that so I have no idea!
Yeah, I missed the last ACC Scilencer shoot here.


if I had known there would be a full auto Styer AUG there I would have stayed home from the wedding! I know he would have understood.

lol, friend made ava for me. Funny how long it takes people to get it. Its a SUBmachine gun... Bwahahah! ;)

Il ask him to make an SD version next...
Oh.... I love anything with a long belt and a trigger...
Or you can set it up outside and let the bullets clear the buildings for you..
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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