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I have one and I like it quite a bit. I have the SP2340 in .40s&w with Sig night sights, but I'm guessing you guys will be getting the SP2022 in 9mm. One complaint is the Sig specific accessory rail which requires a very expensive adapter if you want to mount up anything with the now standard picatinny spec rail. If your dept. is just now getting them though, I'm going to assume that they are the SP2022, with which they have finally changed over to the picatinny spec rail regardless of caliber.

My only functional complaint would be the blocky feel when gripping the gun. It reminds me of the feel of the non-finger groove Glocks, which I hate. Some if this problem comes from the fact that I only have medium sized hands. This problem was fixed, however, by the addition of a Hogue grip-sleeve, and more importantly, the SigArms 'short-trigger' that I installed that greatly reduces the reach to the trigger. Still not as comfy as my 1911 with alumagrips and pearce fingergrooves though. ;)


Here's mine with the mods. Notice how much shorter and more curved towards the grip the trigger is compared to the stock photo below it.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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