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SIG p239

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my mom just picked up a P239 in 9mm, NIB, for 586.
we rented one before and its awesome, well balanced, great grip, easy to shoot, and really controllable.
she tried a glock19, USP 45 and a featherweight revolver before settling on the SIG.
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Adler said:
BTW I just got one in not too long ago for fellow Gunnie Kilbie and I still have no idea why people like these so much. There just isnt enough of an angle on the damned grip for me, annoying grip safety, and the trigger leaves so much to be desired. Usually a gun that works well for me naturally points close to target but this thing feels like I am pointing a T square...or a russian tokarev which you can do drafting with.
Dude your right...and the compact version is just damn ugly...Hi-Point ugly man!!!! It looks like a brick on a little stick...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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