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Sig arms M2 45acp

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What is it? I saw an ad in a local paper that said "Sig arms M2 in 45 acp perfect condition still in glass display case 500$" Is the ad correct and if so is it worth the price?
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Its a good design with a horribly rough trigger. Sig now owns all the Mauser rights and made this handgun. Its reliable and a good gun but has a horrible trigger. You can do much better with a glock for 500 bucks.
ok cool, I just saw the ad lastnight and had never heard of the gun, That doesn't happen to often lol Some times i find good deal other times i don't
Im sure a good smith could clean it up. it runs on the rotating barrel pricipal which reduces recoil and makes for a more compact design. If I had some money to play around with I would try it out.
Yep, what he said.
It's a Mauser is all just branded Sigbecuasethey bought them out awhile ago.

The Mauser line gets no regard amongst Sigfolks, it's the red headed step child from a second marriage. :p

- Janq
just for the curious

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Mauser hasnt made their own handguns since ww2 except for the occassional run of Lugers. They had some Hi Powers in the 90's taht were made by Feg and finsihed by Mauser.
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