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Shots fired On University Of Cincinnati Campus

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As reported by NewsNet 5:

Shots fired On University Of Cincinnati Campus

POSTED: 1:48 pm EDT May 28, 2007

CINCINNATI -- Shots were fired outside a University of Cincinnati dormitory in an apparent retaliation for an earlier fight, university police said.

No one was hit in the shooting, which occurred early Sunday morning, but a student was found beat up along a street near the dormitory. Police believe he was the target of the retaliatory act, but the student is not cooperating in the investigation, Lt. Jeff Thompson said.

No one has been arrested.

About 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, a group of 10 males began fighting outside Calhoun Hall. One pulled a gun and fired three or four shots, police said. Police believe the fight stemmed from an altercation at a dance on campus earlier in the evening.

Police guarded the residence hall from Sunday morning until Sunday night.

"We believe there's no longer a threat," Thompson said.

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only mortal said:
He must have just got SERVED!!!

LMAO. I keep seeing that South Park episode in my head.

What happened to the days of a fist fight without having to worry about getting shot if you beat someone up.
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