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Shotgun Ideas

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I need a new shotgun for the police academy, i'm looking for one with about an 18 inch barrel, composite stocks, and a mag extension or at least one available for it. i'm leaning towards the remington 870 any other suggestions for less than $500
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I second the mossberg or even a Win 1200/1300 since they have a faster ability to cycle than Remington and Mossberg due. However Mossberg and Reminton are a bit tougher.
I'm sure both the Remington or Mossberg would be a good choice. Personally, I have the 870 and love it, plus there are tons of accessories for both of them.
u cant go wrong with any of the suggestions listed above.

if you want to "build" one go Remy or Mossy - if you want an "outa da box" solution go Win Defender 1300.

One note - if you "build" make sure its a magnum so you can use ALL of the available ammo (flares, bean bags, plastic, ect)
I've been debating on selling mine.

Comes with a 3x9x40 bushnell and weaver rings.
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For the money, I'd say the 870 is your best bet. I've seen 870's go through just about anything and still work every time.

If you're looking for something a little prettier (also a lot pricier), I'd go with a Browning BPS 12.
I have a remington 870 magnum and two Mossberg 500's there both about equal but the mossbergs foregrip is lose because only one connecting bar where as the Remington feels solid as a rock, I dont like lose guns.

Me? I would go with a remington 870 magnum, you can add more stuff to it and its easy to work on and clean.
870 is def the answer. The Mossy 500 is a good shotty but it feels so crappy... The 870 feels like a sold rock.
For my money I would go with the Remington 870... Oh wait, I already did!

The Mossberg 500 is a fine shotgun, don't get me wrong, but the "Feng Shuei" or whatever just didn't do it for me. [Of course, my brother is getting a pistol-grip 500 that is damned near changing my mind on that!] Mossbergs are less expensive around here, if that is a factor [damn near half the price!]

Filthy Rich :twisted:
Top one is my Remington with a top folding stock and under that is one of my Mossberg 500's. I know the forward pistol grip looks ugly but its alot more easy on the hands when shooting.
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