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Wow, I never thought I'd ever say this, but I think that I've done enough shooting for one day. Started at around noon, just got done about 30 minutes ago. Around 100 shotgun shells, 200 rifle shells, and roughly 600 pistol shells later. I've got a picture of all the guns (some from my collection, and each of my friends brought a portion of theirs) that were available between the 6 of us that were out there. I'll post it when I get time to pull it off my camera. Even managed to fuck up my wrist a little bit when one of my buddies busted out a 30-06 pistol. I will admit that, although I was holding it with what I thought would be an adequite grip, I limpwristed compared to what I should have been doing. My wrist is still swollen, but I'm happy that was brought out towards the end of the shooting day. Now it's time for Shad to go to the bar so he can try to do bad things with good women.

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