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Shooting as hobby and for defense

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So this is kartoffel from NASIOC & the other place ... but I'm still a n00b here so feel free to tear into me.

I'm moving back to TX to start a new job, and multiple factors are nudging me towards purchasing a gun for fun and home defense. Maybe later I'll go for a CHL. (edit: CHL = concealed handgun license in Texas)

I own no guns currently. In the past I've had an RWS .22 air rifle, and a traditional .54cal flintlock. My college rommate and I used to go to the local outdoor range and shoot those, plus his own Volquartsen 10/22 (zomg tackdriver), AR-15, 9mm Sig 229 (sex in your hand), and .45 HK USP (I wasn't that impressed, really). Plus, I qualified expert on the M9 in the Air Force, though I have no delusions as to my *actual* skill, then or now.

What do y'all think about this?
1) a "practice" gun such as a Ruger Mk II or Mk III, or Walther,
2) a "serious" gun, like a compact SA/DA .40, maybe Springfield XD or Sig Pro

College roomie sorta spoiled me on "snob" guns, but I'm not opposed to polymer as long as it's reliable and the trigger feels halfway decent. I'm partial to Sig
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Welcome to Gunatics Kartoffel!
Long time no see at OT. :)
BTW just so you know nobody rips people here, it's all cool and aid in this place.
You'll find no crap ass shenanigans here as at OT or even some other gun forums.

As well I agree with Jamz, there is nothing at all wrong with being a gun snob.
We're all snobs about something.

I do shoot bullseye with a Marvel Precision .22 LR conversion unit, 'Type 1/Match', that is a relatively obscure specialty product that amongst the world of bullseye competiton has high marks for winning accuracy. (Does not work properly with FF)

This upper though as much as a whole firearm, but of lesser absolute accuracy. If you are just wanting to plink and have some range fun then there are other better and less expensive options. They do offer a 'Target' model that is less costly and less accurate as well but it runs like $299 or so at Midway which again is roughly the cost of a whole gun as can be found easily elsewhere.

It's well known I'm a 1911 and Sig fan so I'm biased there. :)
Glocks are good too and Jamz's shot well in my hand even as the grip angle on Glocks for me just feels unnatural. I forget what model number he had but it was a 9mm of some sort.

The Ruger .22 is well liked from what I understand although I've never shot one or even met someone IRL with such.
Considering how inexpensive 9MM ammo is these days, even as ammo prices are relative high right now, I'd say don't sweat having two guns. Get one in a caliber your wallet can afford long term and then practice/train with that often. There are so many shooting sports options around that one could apply a box stock nothing crazy fancy 9MM too that you'll be hard pressed to find yourself bored.

Go to post #3 of the following thread and take note of the first three shooting sport organizations.

"Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask"
03-06-2006, 07:45 AM

Some of us here shoot and participate in those events including myself and SubEd are IDPA shooters and Ducman rolls with IPSC/USPSA.
There is so much cool and fun stuff to do with any gun in whatever chambering it's just a matter of finding the time and resources to practice and particpate thats key.
As well the skills you learn and refine toward sport shooting may not all transfer over to combat or home defense application, but it will make you a much better and safer shooter be it for combat or home defense.


- Janq
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