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Shoot Softly and Carry an FFL

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So, at the 100 yard range today, it was just a couple of guys squeezing off single shots from various rifles. During a lull in the already leisurely action, somebody way over at the 50 yard range started popping off something semiautomatic at a rapid pace.

The folks on our firing line, who were shooting from a bench and taking their sweet time, sort of chuckled and said "gee somebody's got something to prove." Of course it all devolved from there, with the semi owners ripping off multiple shots just because they could. The guys 2 places down on my right took a 10/22 from its case, inserted a 20 round magazine, and fluttered the trigger as rapidly as possible. It was impressive, but not terribly loud.

Then the guy on my immediate right, who had been shooting what looked like an AR of some sort, went all casual-like, back to his truck and returns with a suppressed MAC-10. He aimed it from the hip, it went thppa-thppa-thppa-thppa for approximately 1.5 seconds, and then the dirt berm erupted with 20 poofs. Nobody more than 3-4 places on either side of us even realized what caused all the dust to rise up.

The 10/22 guys on his right recovered by picking their jaws up off the ground. I was equally impressed, but from my vantage point on MAC-10 guy's left, I had the additional pleasure of noticing the select fire lever on his AR. It was an AR-10. He put the subgun back in his truck and then went back to squeezing off single shots. The 10/22 dudes never realized he could have pwnt them within earshot of the entire range instead.

All in all, it was a fun day.
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Hahaha, nice.
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