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now that i have a 'real' job. i have almost no time for Airsoft.

i have a Classic Army M4 completely stock, but it looks brand new. its the full stock, not the retractable stock variant. for those of you unaware, the CA version of this rifle has mostly metal parts, not plastic. i also have one large size battery, 1 hi-cap mag (came with gun) and 3 normal cap mags.

im also selling my Western Arms Baretta 92FS with threaded barrel and silencer. the thread on the tip has started to wear a bit, but the silencer still fits nice and snug. this is a gas powered blow back pistol.

both are in excellent condition. im looking to sell them relatively fast, so if you live near SF/Oakland and want to come pick it up cash, ill try to work a good deal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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