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Selfish rant

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My gear stash took a major hit. Whne you walk in the door after being gone for a while and the 1st thing she says is: I had nothing to do with it, don't blame me, it's never good.

I've been gone for most of the last 5 weeks. 3 weeks ago a bud of mine rotated home from the sandbox and had a list of stuff to aquire to send back to his unit. He stopped at my parents house and my dad)whom I'm thinking of disowning at the moment lol) gave hime almot EVERYTHING that i stored there short of the highend optics and guns. There was an 8'x4'x3' wooden box stuffed with packs and clothes and add on for them, I had 2 shelves with Multitools and knives and various odds and ends and gps's ALL gone. Most of the stuff was brand fricking new not to mention the fact that the stuff ain't exactly cheap either. AHHHHHHHHHH

I'm not really mad cuz I would have given him what he wanted it just that all that stuff i'VE aquired over the last decade or so is goneeeeeeee.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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