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Self Defense: CCW vs. Hand to Hand, a question of perception

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So I'm watching a show that features a woman training in Judo for purposes of self defense as well as sport.
As depicted this is of no surprise to any ofher contemporaries and she even goes aboutman handling other men using her Judo knowledge to joint lock her BF's arm and such though in a playful sex way.

Anyway this got me to thinking why is it that people have no problem or second thoughts when you tell them you train or parctice self defense of some sort be it judo, boxing, tae-bo, whatever. But tell a person you train to shoot for sport or self defense and then it's all raised eyebrows (left) or talk of Mozambique (right). What is that all about? Why?
In OT threads of past folks will say that those of us who CCW are losers, retards, scared punks, etc. But then those same people in other threads will prattle on about UFC, BJJ, MMA,boxing, carrying of all manner of knives & design and even that infamously long thread about combat swords JDM vs. European and how either could be used today for self defense (?!). But again mention a gun or rifle and BOOM!!!, the tide turns.

To my mind I don't see much of an effective difference amongst them as they are all combatives and effective to one degree or another. The firearm, knife, hand, body, what have you.
So with all that said what do you all think or feel on the subject?

- Janq just wondering
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Its the perception that if you have a weapon then you are the attacker, but hand to hand you are defending yourself.

I get the same when I tell people that I take a self defense class, they usually say it is something they always wanted to do. But as soon as I tell them I take a fight class, stick and knife fighting or firearms training, then they think I've crossed the line.

But if I tell them my firearms training is for competition then I'm nolonger a gun nut,

Guns for competition = good
Guns for defense = bad
Exactly Duc...thats what I'm talking about.
Anything even remotely 'gunish' automatically results in the fight (conservatives) or flight (liberal) response.

BTW I use the political naming of liberal and conservative only to provide a picture in general toward what is the most common type of person to react in kind, of course there are liberals such asmyself who are okay with guns as there arealso conservatives who are not.

- Janq
My guess is that 90% of people get their gun information from movies and television, in which guns are posessed only by either cops or criminals. If you can't produce a badge, then...well.... guilty by process of elimination. There is no room in their worldview for a noncop, noncriminal to be in posession of a handgun.

The TV criminals use their guns for offense, not defense, so they get stained with being a tool for evil, rather than a tool for self defense, and people just think of them that way. Thanks, Hollywood!

Meanwhile hand to hand self defese hasn't been vilified in movies and TV, so people think it's okay still.
Most people see guns as simply a death weapon. They don't see it as an effective disabler, minimizer or defensive threat to attack. They see it as aggressive, offensive, and intended to kill. Not only that, but somehow they feel that guns will magically fire themselves in the cases of those handling them that are not law enforcement or military.
How many people do you see out in the world that won't be in the same room as a police officer that has a loaded and/or chambered weapon on them? I haven't met any. However, when I bring a gun that has no ammunition near by in any sense, hell, no magazine in place... They're afraid of the weapon immensely.
Apparently only those paid to handle weapons are capable of competent handling.
Look at how often a holstered weapon could be aimed at you. If a cop bends over in front of you, does his weapon not face behind him? How is it that his gun does not have magic bullet properties (i.e. it'll accidentily fire on its own!) yet, any civilian's weapon does?
Just seems asinine to me.

***Mikkito fully supports this thread***
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well all i know is that u people should go 2 and on the left side it should say wepons combat and survival, click on that and make an account there be advised you need to pay money!
there is a bunch of topics you can read about here are a few hand 2 hand combat suvival improvised weapons improvised ammo(for guns) :D and more stuff just on nodoze u can join a thing for lock picks there is a bit of humor in it but it tells u how 2 make your own lockpick kit :shock: you also need acrobat reader from adobe installed yes it is a bit off this topic but who cares? nodoze is a really good site!
Sounds like you had to many nodoze,

No more video game, do your homework and then its bedtime
Why am I going to not put any credit into a site that has a Black Magic and Witchcraft section? I mean, with a Black Magic and Witchcraft section, you know that the rest of the information they put out on that site is going to be accurate and reliable. :lol:
Mikkito said:
Apparently only those paid to handle weapons are capable of competent handling.
How true. Have you ever been on the range with a non-gun-nut cop? Scary shit.

Example. At my old department, the firearms instructors were very progressive. Lots of dynamic drills, hot range (i.e. we're all adults and you're responsible for loading/charging your weapons, being safe), etc.

During semi-annual qualifications, we were all snuggled up on the 5 yard line getting the boring 5-10-15-20 etc. basic qual drills out of the way. Despite the hot range, some officers would wait until going to the line and hearing the instructions before chambering up, so the instructors would call out readiness, if you're not charged now, charge, etc.

Well, on this day, DY's favorite lummox (ask him) unholstered, turned 180 degrees so he was facing AWAY FROM THE TARGETS AND TOWARD THE INSTRUCTORS, chambered a round, then turned back toward the targets. I stared at him, then at the instructor, who stared at me, then at him, then at each other again. It was just so matter of fact that nobody even thought to scream at him. He had some remedial instruction later in the day.

I have no idea why he did that. I guess he didn't want to offend the targets or something.

You'll also see cops do the old wild west "draw a bead" move, wherein they draw to a 30 degree upward angle and slowly bring the muzzle down on target. You can see a move like that in the Todd Jarrett video, when the student takes his first or second shot:

Don't get me started on the old-timers who are way more concerned about liability than about officer safety. :rolleyes: Good luck if they're your backup.

/hijack. So yeah, pretty much what Mikki said - instrument of death, political hot potato and of late a major Democratic party plank (ergo neutral Democrats tend to default to anti-gun, and true-believer gun haters are further legitimized).

I think comprehensive sex education and gun safety classes in all public schools would accomplish great things.
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Shad said:
Why am I going to not put any credit into a site that has a Black Magic and Witchcraft section? I mean, with a Black Magic and Witchcraft section, you know that the rest of the information they put out on that site is going to be accurate and reliable. :lol:
the black magic and stuff is a whole load of bull shit but the rest is nice
Why do you like this thread so much? :mrgreen:
Shad said:
Why do you like this thread so much? :mrgreen:
I said DON'T ask me. Shit, man, do I have to spell it out to you?

Dee owe en apostrophe tee. DON'T ask me. ;)
seems like someone here needs to go back to school
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