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For over a year, I have wanted to scan all my old photos. I wanted to empty the closet out, but still have the images.

I don't really feel bad about tossing the originals... Every photo I have taken for the past 20 years have all been digital. It's just pic from the 70s, 80s and 90s...

I started over the weekend with my wife's flat scanner. That sucked. She then told me to just go buy that Epson Fast Foto scanner I had been wanting. Man, that thing is fast... It took me longer to get the pictures out of the photo albums than it did to scan them.

Some things I had to scan on the flat scanner. But, it took me like two hours to do about 30 thing son that flat scanner. I did 1000 pictures in 2 hours with the Epson... If I didn't have so many different sizes of pictures, I could have gone even faster.

I spent ALL day today working on this project, and I am done.... Not just pictures. I scanned old transcripts and report cards for myself. Pics of artwork my son did as a kid. His report cards and awards. Many different things... I wrapped it up all this evening, and am uploading everything to the cloud.

Can't believe it is finally done.

I kept a handful of pics I like and put them in an envelope. But, it beats the boxes and boxes of stuff I had.

Anyone else do something like this?
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