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Look into the Howa 1500. They aer essentially the same as Weatherby actions, are very cheap, and can shoot 1moa no problem. Howa has made them for S&W and Weatherby.

Also you cannot go wrong with a Mauser action of some kind. Remington now carries them as the 798.

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i have that exact same package from last year: 10fpxp.

killer setup. wish i could get that stock though. the current stock is while usable, i like the macmillan one better.

lemme know if you are gonna get that one. i found a place that sold it for around $200-300 than everyone else.

the case is killer too! the leupold scope, i priced out to around $600'ish.

edit: dont forget, that is a PACKAGE price. you can still get a rifle by itself. but when i was buying mine, i priced out everything that came in the package and it was SLIGHTY more. by just a few bucks...

you get:

scope covers
sling mounts
lockable case (mine was alum. that pix shows a plastic one)

ready to shoot. all you need is ammo. okay, cleaning gear too. targets. etc... ;)

try this place:

then try this place, where i eventually ended up buying from:

they dont list the 10fpxp package, but when i was pricing it out last year, impact guns was selling it for $1600 when i finally picked it up for around $1250...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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