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Saiga 12

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I just got the call from my FFL that my Saiga 12 came in. It only took 3 days from order.. not bad.

I do plan on putting a pistol grip and folding stock on it one day soon. It truely is just an over grown russian AK-47...

Just wait to see what comes in on monday for it :)

got it from Ordered the FS2000 from them as well.
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only mortal said:

no sense in getting one blocked off @ 10 shells...

:) I have my MD Drum comeing in on monday.
I know! I was hopeing that would not happen.
MD drum got held up... AGAIN.

I know Mikes trying but its driveling me crazy waiting for it. Out local range now allows shotguns!

How could you even think of putting that thing on such a weapon..
Thats how they californitize© our nice guns...
Lmao, I got 2 10 round mags in today HUUUUUGE! Il get pictures when I get a cam.

The 20 round drum will be out soon.
I also had a drop leg double hip pouch custom made for them as well, should be here soon. It will be used as my new hikeing gun so I need a way to carry these long ass mags.

I call it my "Room Broom" now. :)

Takeing it out in the morning to an office shoot for a bunch of people. <- There paying for the ammo!
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I will one day, I have all the stuff to do it with.

Did 130 rounds yesterday of Walmarx Birdshot and Wolf Buckshot and not one jam.
1 - 9 of 22 Posts
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