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I have shot the SW DK .38 Super reace gun many times and it's the bomb, period.
There is a review I wrote of as much at OT from last fall or winter.
The DK is such a sweet so sweet and I'm really liking the .38 Super round but as you noted the cost is just too much to justify and availability os relatively limited aside from online ordering.
BTW the DK now comes with a flat fronted solid trigger not the one as pictured at the website. I like it but the guys at S&W say that most do not and swap it out for a regular speed trigger.

I've also shot the SW Perf. Center 1911 and it too is nice, though IMHO not as nice as the DK. Would I pay a premium for it though over say the SW 1911 PD?
Nope. Side to side I can shoot either one very accurately and out of the box the 1911 PD works very well.

Myself I feel you get what you pay for, to a point.
And then there are diminishing returns beyond that.
Personally I think the SA and SW Perf. 1911 are a wash, I'd go with which ever I could get my hands on as both are well known to be accurate & reliable.
As for forged vs. cast I don't know the answer there although I know I don't really care. When is the last time you heard of a stainless steel gun failing? As for the internals IIRC the SW Perf 1911 has no MIM but you can double check that via their website.

- Janq
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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