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S&W 'M&P' Pistol trigger job instructions

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The folks at Burwell Gunsmithing have available for free a how toward custom trigger jobs toward the S&W 'M&P'.
I'm no machinist but the way they spellout the steps with visual aids and such it looks to be easy as hell to do and be succesful.

S&W M&P Trigger Job

- Janq
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The following was posted on another board by I person that I shoot with

My M&P is back from Burwell. Trigger is a nice crisp 4.5#, reset is fantastic, take up is a little long but that was explained before the work was done.

The Shark treatment is sharp and makes the grip very sticky. Only dry firing right now, but should hit the range tomorrow.

Now, for the service part and a recommendation:

Dan Burwell is a very good business man and an excellent gunsmith. He did what he said he would do and in a very reasonable time frame (one week from when I shipped to when I got it back) His communication is excellent. He e mails with any ideas, problems, recommendations. It is nice to deal with a professional.

Anyone looking to have work done, can do it with no reservations. He stands behind the work.

Limited Division here I come
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