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After having fun shooting my Father's SW 325pd revolver. I decided to look for one myself. I want to stay with .45acp since its what I am loading for USPSA and wanted a round that used moon clips. I decided against the scandium model. I like heavy guns, he likes light. I went with the JM over the standard 625 for the bead blast look, serrated trigger and replacable front sight

The revolver has a heavy DA trigger, ~10lbs but a light ~3lb single action from the factory, DA is smooth, no grittiness. I shot about 200 round then it went to my gunsmith for light trigger work. This helped alot, brought the SA under 2 lbs and is very crisp, DA is lighter but not al light a competition revolver could be.

From the factory, it shot about 6" high at 50 feet with my loads (230gr 720 fps) but was dead on at 100yards. It will easily shoot a ragged hole at 50 feet and has no problem hitting a pepper popper at 100yards.

The moon clip make reload very quick, setting the rounds into the clips can be done by hand, removal requires a tool, but a company named Rimz makes plastic moonclips that don't require tools

I was never a revolver person before, but this gun has opened my eyes,
Its alot of fun to shoot and a nice change from 1911.

I may use this gun for IDPA

here's a pic
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