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S.O.Tech Go Bag

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I know there's some Multicam fanboys here. And probably some Transformers the Movie fans. (And possibly some oldtime gearwhores who know the S.O.Tech brand) Here's an item just released by our pals at Airsoft Extreme and manufactured by the legendary gear shop S.O.Tech:

There were only 10 in stock yesterday b4 my pal and I took 1 a piece home ;)

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thats not to bad of a deal for multicam. i would like to get a set of crye but i dont really want to pay that much for bdu's
well i will have to check that you know where i can get a crye shooters cap like this? they are out on their site and ebay they start out at 50 bucks..
thats true and the real crye looks way better
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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