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Mini 14 are infamous for having feeding issues with after market Magazines.
Only magazines commonly listed as reliable:
Are Ruger factory and John Mason magazines seems to come back as reliable pretty often on the web, These are the only ones I hear the most about.

The Mini will never be known as a tackdriver. The first thing done out of the box is getting a smith to clean up the trigger. That will help, but expect 2-3" moa at 100. Be prepared to waste money and still not achieve what I think your hoping for.

It ever goes back to the factory for issues after that they may not work on it due to modifications or I have heard of a guy that got a rifle shipped back to him with a stock trigger group installed.

As far a accuracy Ruger reportedly finally updated their machining processes and some guys are hoping this will make a difference in newer ones coming out. I haven't heard anything significant one way or the other on those results.

If your looking to get a .223 I'd lean you towards a Ar clone such as a Rock River Arms, DMPS or such.

My first rifle was a Mini 14. let's just say it collects dust now and the ar gets used.

Note shoracer is talking about 7.62 x39, I'm referring to mini 14 which is .223 only .

Mini 14's take mini 14 magazines only , they do not interchange with Ar magazines.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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